Her Skills, Our Inspiration

Join us in celebrating women's craftsmanship, where proceeds fuel their dreams.

Crafted By Her thrives on the collaborative efforts and vision of Dr. Umair Elahi, a distinguished and innovative visionary, whose dedication to empowering communities has made a remarkable impact. Dr. Elahi's steadfast support has been instrumental in nurturing a sustainable platform where over 150 women in Bangladesh actively engage, each inspired by his vision to empower through skill-building. These stories of strength, woven into every creation, reflect not just craftsmanship but the power of belief and support, exemplifying Dr. Elahi's enduring commitment to fostering empowerment in every individual.

Crafted By Her is not just a foundation; it's a promise, a lifeline, and a beacon of empowerment. In a world where meeting daily necessities can be a struggle, our project, Crafted By Her, has emerged as a ray of light for the community. Our journey begins with a vision to transform lives. In a remote village in Bangladesh, we found a community yearning for change, where hundreds of women possessed untapped potential and an unbreakable spirit. Crafted By Her became their canvas, and these women, our artists. We've gathered a group of over 400 resilient women, each with a unique story and unyielding determination. From raw materials to finished products, These are not just products; they are stories woven with love, care, and craftsmanship.

Our Mission

Empowering Lives, One Stitch at a Time

Our mission is more than crafting beautiful pieces; it's about crafting a brighter future. These women, once burdened by the weight of poverty and despair, are now the sole breadwinners of their families. Gone are the days of hunger and abuse. Crafted By Her has replaced them with dignity and self-sufficiency.


Our Vision

Lighting Paths, One Thread at a Time

Crafted By Her's core vision is a beacon of hope that extends beyond crafting beautiful pieces. We envision a future where every woman we empower becomes a catalyst for positive change in her community, igniting a chain reaction of progress and weaving a brighter, more equitable world for all.

Your contributions to Crafted By Her go beyond mere donations; they are investments in dreams, hope, and resilience.  As you explore our website and browse our exquisite products, we hope you'll find your heart resonating with Crafted By Her's mission.

Join us in empowering dreams and weaving hope.